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Virgin Cold Pressed Moringa Oil (Moringa Olefera) 1 2 4 8 16 32 oz.

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Moringa Oil

Moringa oil is extracted from the seeds of Moringa oleifera, also known as the Drumstick tree. Moringa oil has got a special name, it is Ben oil. It is called so because it has high amounts of behenic acid. Moringa oil has been mentioned as a very useful oil in the medicinal books of Greece and Rome. Even today, this oil is used for a number of industrial applications. It is great for topical use on the skin and the hair. It is also a nice cooking oil with a soft, appealing taste.


Moringa oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of Moringa oleifera. This tree is native to the Himalayan foothills. This tree grows long pods which contain seeds. It is quite nutritious. The nutrition of moringa leaves is even superior to the highly nutritious vegetables like spinach. Its seeds are also quite nutritious as they contain high levels of B vitamins and Vitamin C. The oil can be extracted either by cold pressed method, or by solvent extraction . In olden times, it was extracted using hand pressing. There are many varieties of Moringa oil, depending on the variety of Moringa tree from which the oil is extracted. Oil taken from different locations has slight differences in nutrition and properties, like India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Malawi and other parts of Africa. Other species in the genus Moringa are also used to make moringa oil, but they are not Ben oil. This is especially reserved for Moringa oleifera oil.

Standards  The Moringa seed oil should not contain harmful solvents like hexane. Names Moringa oil is also known as Ben Oil, Behen Oil.

Nutrient Percentage Property
Gamma Linoleic Acid (18:3) - PUFA
Stearic Acid (18:0) 5.8 % Saturated fat
Palmitic Acid (16:0) 5.4 % Saturated fat
Palmitoleic Acid (16:1) - MUFA
Oleic Acid (18:1) 67.6 % MUFA
Linoleic Acid (18:2) 0.69 % PUFA
Alpha Linolenic Acid(18:3) - PUFA
Erucic Acid (22:1) - MUFA
Gadoleic Acid (20:1) - MUFA
Behenic Acid (22:0) 6.74 % Saturated fat
Arachidic Acid (20:0) 3.72 % Saturated fat

Moringa Oil

Complete Nutritional Value of Moringa Oil Moringa oil contains some vitamins, minerals in small amounts. However, the most striking aspect of this oil' nutrition is the content of flavonoids, phenols and sterols. These are the prominent nutrients in moringa seed oil. Vitamin E Moringa oil contains three varieties of Vitamin E. That is ?-tocopherol (105 mg/kg), ?-tocopherol ( 39 mg/kg) and ?-tocopherol (77 mg/kg). Vitamin E tocopherols are strong antioxidants. It protects the skin when applied topically and also boosts the immune system. [6] Sterols Cold pressed moringa oil contains small amounts of many phytosterol and cholesterol as well. These are the ones that are found in high amounts.
  • ? - Sitosterol - Reduces cholesterol, strong antioxidant and has shown anti-diabetic activity. [7]
  • Campesterol - Strongly anti-inflammatory and reduces osteoarthritis.
  • Stigmasterol - Reduces absorption of cholesterol and lowers blood glucose.
Flavonoids These are antioxidant compounds which exert a protective effect on our body. Even in small amounts, they exert strong health benefits. Flavonoids strengthen the blood vessels and lower inflammatory problems. Total flavonoid content in moringa oil is 18 mg RAE per gm. Chemical properties of Moringa Oil
Nutrient Percentage Property
Density  0.90  g/ml great for massage oil
Storage temperature  - Ideal temperature for storage
Comedogenicity  - Pore clogging potential ( 0 - 5 )
ORAC  - Antioxidant Power
pH  4.3  Measure of Acidity
Peroxide Value  0.19  Measure of Initial Rancidity
Saponification Value  188  Measure of the average carbon chain length
Iodine Value  65.83  Measure of unsaturation of oil
Free Fatty Acids  -  Percentage of volatile oils
Source : 8 Buying and Storage Moringa oil is one of the most stable oils. It hardly gets rancid and can be used for many days. Though it is extracted using various processes, the healthiest one is the cold pressed oil. It is more dense, has more color and even more taste than filtered or solvent extracted oils. References  1. Physico-chemical and Antioxidant Properties of Moringa oleifera Seed Oil. H.A. Ogbunugafor et. al.Pakistan Journal of Nutrition. 2. Determination of Antimicrobial Activity and Resistance to Oxidation of Moringa peregrina Seed Oil. Stavros Lalas , Olga Gortzi Vasilios Athanasiadis John Tsaknis and Ioanna Chinou. Molecules. 3. Evaluation of the Hepatoprotective Efficacy of Moringa oleifera Seed Oil on Ccl4-Induced Liver Damage in Wistar Albino Rats. Olatosin TM et. al. The International Journal Of Engineering And Science (IJES) 4. Moringa oil mediated activation of the alyternative cellular energy pathway in the therapy of diseases. US 20110208110 A1. 5. Analytical Characterization of Moringa oleifera Seed Oil Grown in Temperate Regions of Pakistan. FAROOQ ANWAR,AND M. I. BHANGER. JF0209894 6. Characterization of Moringa oleifera Variety Mbololo Seed Oil of Kenya. J. Tsaknis ,S. Lalas , V. Gergis , V. Dourtoglou , and V. Spiliotis 7. Antidiabetic and antioxidant potential of ?-sitosterol in streptozotocin-induced experimental hyperglycemia. Gupta R, Sharma AK, Dobhal MP, Sharma MC, Gupta RS. J Diabetes. 8. A total characterization of Moringa oleifera. Tsaknis J. et. al.


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